Color wheel

here is a digital art work of a color wheel. The green was the hardest to create due to the fact that you to use a specific shade of blue and yellow. the lines connect a color to its contour.


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scratch board activity log

This is my scratch board activity that i did. i was basically the same as pen and ink but the opposite where the ink was already on the paper and you scratch the ink off instead of painting or printing it on. Though i have to say this was harder to use the scratch pen than the ink pen. i chose a panda for this project because a panda is already black and white and would be easy to implement the panda on a already black sheet. all i had to o was scratch off ink on the white parts of the panda. What was difficult was scratching off a lot of ink because i didn’t really know how to use the pen i scratched into the paper, and therefore ruined the clean look of the whit on the head but after that i became accustomed to the pen was was easier after that to apply to the parts of the picture.

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2 Point Perspective

This is my 2 point perspective on the chapel. this is probably one of the most or is the most difficult drawing. on the bottom part i rushed it. one of the hardest part was getting things into proportion with the 2 vanishing point that were of the page. this drawing was difficult

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1 point perspective

this is Brophy hall the drawing may look crooked but it was just the way i held the picture. the hardest part of this was getting the lines in a proportional perspective the easy part was lining up the lines with the vanishing point

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One Point perspective drawings

this is a picture of a one point perspective giving you where the lines meet at the vanishing point from Professor Horner.

this is another example of  a one point perspective drawing except with buildings artist unknown.this is another one perspective drawing artist unknown

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pen and ink

these four pictures show the progression on my pen and ink project. the pen took a while to learn how to use but once you lean its real simple.

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still life completed

so this is my still life completed. the hardest part of it was getting the placement and the proportions right. the easy parts were the values. honestly to have been able to complete this in time i got the proportions right and rushed the values

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Still drawing (in progress)

this is what my still life pictures looks like so far.

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artist: unknown

title: none

dimensions: 8×11

i chose this because i liked the way how the person put together items that do not belong to each other and how the peron almost perfectly emulated the values.

what i will try to emulate from my still painting is the values of each item.

the interesting about this is that this is from a tutorial in how to effectively do a still life picture.

artist: unknown

title: still life and peaches

dimensions; 16x 20

i chose this because it looked very interesting i especially liked how everything was perfectly proportioned and how the glass vase and shadows was very realistic.

artist: anne songhurse

title: still life with bread

dimensions: unknown

i chose this because i love how very closely the artist worked on the details of the bread and again the glass vase or pitcher.

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Leaf Sketch

Unfortunately i do not have an original picture of the leaf. But this is a sketch that i did that closely resembles the leaf. It is i would say relatively small. during this sketch here i closely  tried to imitate the shadows more than anything else i would say it turned out well. next time i will try to bring out the values more insted of focusing on one particular thing.

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